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About Us

Editor in Chief: Beverly Kracher, PhD
Area: Multidisciplinary
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Review Process: Double Blinded
Plagiarism Tolerance: Zero Level

The Original Scientific Publishing is a research-based organization. It has been working for creating and nurturing talents in Germany, USA, Ghana and Nigeria. Since its inception. It is working in the fields of education and research and has attained a significant place in the world for its praiseworthy activities. The Original Scientific Publishing is a web-based publishing platform with segmental resources and services for every aspect of publishing academic paper from peer review to production to indexing and discovery support. Our mission is to empower authors to contribute quality materials that help develop the society, and publishers to make quality research available more efficiently and affordably in order to facilitate a sustainable research future. Over 10 academic Journals across disciplines are published by the Original Scientific Publishing.

The Original Scientific Publishing: aims at the creation, dissemination and rediscovery of knowledge, emphasized by the essence of extraordinary and innovative research work. Our multi-dimensional mission is to increase awareness and compatibility with the dynamics of the study area between scholars, academics, lecturers, professors, and researchers. This does not only cover all ideas from the main scientific fields, but also concentrates on every very small detail of the latest modifications and innovations from the sub-sciences that has useful information that impact the society. The Original Scientific Publishing strongly supports the consistency, rigidity and special tendency towards the relevant scientific subjects. The Original is a joint collaboration among researchers from the entire Globe. The Original Scientific Publishing, Publishers are part of the Scientific Researcher Group, which focuses on scientific development

Remote Offices

American Office (Status is Operated)
Location; Austin, Texas, USA.

Ghana Office (Status is Operated)
Location; Accra, Sowutoum, Ghana.

Germany Office (Status is Operated)
Location; Newtown, Berlin, Germany.

Nigeria Office (Status is Operated)
Location; Cross River State, Obudu, Nigeria.

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Using email contact information will make it easier for all The Original Scientific Publishing  users because most of the results are based on the observation that 90% of users use email, while 10% use form contacts. In addition, it is to avoid the act of spamming email through a malicious contact form. For queries related to publication, general queries, and obligation fees for authors from developed countries, complaint, general queries, acceptance, revise, publication, indexing, and for any complaints regarding publications etc.

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"Your platform for sustainable, high-quality scholarly journal publishing"

For all Researcher “Thanks & Regard”.

Prof. Dr. James Patrick.
The Managing Editor.
The Original Scientific Publishing.
Austin, Texas, USA.