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  2. Vol 5 Issue 1, 2023
  3. Knowledge and Application of Partograph among Midwives in Health Facilities
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Prudence Portia Mwini-Nyaledzigbor , Felix Fiavor , Braimah Zelia Soale

Knowledge and Application of Partograph among Midwives in Health Facilities

The partograph is a widely recognized tool used to monitor the progress of labor and prevent complications during childbirth. However, its utilization by health staff in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) is still suboptimal, resulting in increased maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. This study aimed to assess the independent influence of professional tenure on the utilization of partographs among midwives in health facilities in East Gonja. This cross-sectional study employed a random sampling technique to select 115 health staff, and data were collected on them using a structured questionnaire and facility records. The key findings revealed that almost half of the health staff had a low level of knowledge of the use of the partograph, and there was a low level of routine usage by health staff despite the high availability and presence of the partograph in facilities. The study also found a significant positive association between years of practice and utilization of partograph, and health staff aged 51 years and older had significantly higher odds of utilizing the partograph tool than those aged 21–35 years. Moreover, staff with high knowledge of Partograph were significantly more likely to utilize it than those with low knowledge. Finally, to improve the utilization of the partograph, health facilities should prioritize the availability of the tool and ensure that it is accessible to all health staff.

Keywords: Partograph, midwives, labour, health facilities, Ghana